previous projects



Agenda 2011

agenda’s thickness compare with Nokia E63

Calendar 2011

:+: Majumoto Mug :+:

:+: Mini Tumbler :+:

:+: Majumoto T-Shirt :+:

the T-Shirt

the Modifications

PS. all modifications is based on request

:+: phone strap :+:


Note B5 Arashi as OhbaNabe Party Door Prize at Surabaya

This Is Jun’s Crew Pin

2nd Game Prize: Notes A5 – This is Jun Gathering

Souvenir Box – Tasyakuran Jun & Nino Gathering

parts of souvenir: random made batik pocket

parts of souvenir: A6 notes

Goodies Arashi 5×10 Screening

Sakuraiba’s Gath souvenir, ladybug pocket made by femmy

Calendar 2010

Pin Up Sakuraiba Gathering

Door Prize Sakuraiba’s Gathering: Big Size Poster


Majumoto’s 1st project: Maou no Oniisan’s Pin for Surabaya Gath


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