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carladiti limolasan mush2 sha


another handmade agenda

another handmade agenda

yes.. it’s arrived (^-^)v i’m glad that she loves it..

by the way, i also use Sasirangan Fabric as cover of the agenda. it’s because she often had meeting outside Indonesia. so it’s also my way to promote the diversity of Indonesian culture.

click the picture to get in her blog πŸ™‚

last, thank you for ordering our agenda, niken ^^

my agenda already on Canada!

first, i never thought that one of my handmade was going out of Indonesia. and it is! i never feel so lucky like this before ❀

you may go to Corrine's page here..

you may go to Corrine’s page here..

i have some kind emotional feeling with this agenda. because actually i thought she was joking at that time. until i made it and she paid the shipment, then i realized i wasn’t dreaming πŸ˜› this agenda at first wasn’t like that.. it was like this…

agendacorrinebut sadly, she don’t like yellow. then she asked me to change the yellow part. it took some times to fix it, because i must rip the yellow one and make new one.. after thinking for such a long time, at last i decided to use Sasirangan Fabric.

Sasirangan is Banjarmasin’s Batik. it’s one of Banjarmasin’s signature, and you can have it only when you go there. you can’t find it easily because it’s not sold on Java.

i used that fabric, because Indonesia has a lot of unique culture, and also unique pattern of fabric. most of people at the world know about Indonesian Batik. but the batik that we usually use are Javanese batik. Sasirangan has unique pattern. Only Banjarmasin and Kalimatan’s people knows about it. so i think, right now the world must know about Sasirangan. so here’s the picture of agenda after remade..


yes! you cand find that unique pattern only at Sasirangan. and she loves the blue.

i sent not only agenda, i also sent some of my handmade key chain & strap. Corrine likes the charm so i guess it would be great if i gave her one. luckily i don’t like if it’s only one. so i gave her two! one with Arashi’s letter, and the other with her name.

well, i really don’t want to believe about it. but the fact about my handmade has already across the sea and continent, that’s priceless. thank you corrine for asked me to make it. and i hope that this tiny little step will guide me to a bigger and wider place that i ever imagine.

thank you for ordering our handmade at Majumoto Fanshop ^^

new creations!

i just made this last night.. because work partner want a key chain then voilla!


and.. here’s phone strap ordered by nene ^^

you can personalize your phonestrap/key chain too!! as i said before πŸ˜›

okay then.. for any questions, leave comments below.. have a nice weekend ^^


Pre Order T-Shirt, Polo Shirt & Totebag

[OPEN PO s.d. 12 AGUSTUS 2012]


Penambahan biaya tetap berlakU:
lengan Panjang + 15rb
kaos warna hitam + 15rb
xxl + 5rb
xxxl + 15rb

Pesan dengan email di
– Nama Lengkap
– Alamat Lengkap
– Nomor HP
– Barang yang dipesan
– Jumlah
– Ukuran

– Boleh mix artis dalam 1 paket
– Bisa juga diganti dengan nama member (cuman 1 orang per item) atau grup idol lainnya lho~
– more info via twitter atau LINE di tu2twidhi

ditunggu yaaa γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

Phone Strap Majumoto

PROMO: Free Cutting Sticker Arashi’s Kanji if you shop above IDR 100.000, exclude shipment



for letters, you may choose ARASHI or AMNOS.

you can choose the color for pendant and fake leather.

pendants(in transparant): white, red, green, blue, indigo, pink, purple, yellow, orange
fake leather: pink, blue and braided dark brown

sent your order via email at

subject: PO Phone Strap Majumoto


payment: BCA / CIMB Niaga

need to be considered!
* this is not ready stock items. so you must pre order it first.
* this strap is handmade. so please be patience

for further questions, you may put your comments below. will wait for your order then πŸ˜€ thank you πŸ˜€

*special thanks to eddy fahmi for lending me his camera