Arashi Popcorn Head PO

hi minna~
i have new creations: Figurine Clay Art.. and now i’ll opening a Pre Order for our first FCA: Arashi’s Popcorn Head XD~

Say Hello to the Popcorn Head!

popcorn head


material: Clay

Buy one: Rp 25.000,- (exclude shipping)
Buy one set: Rp 100.000,- (exclude shipping)

Open PO at April 29th 2013. more info: @tu2twidhi (twitter) or 08884902452 (What’sApps) (^0^)/


4 thoughts on “Arashi Popcorn Head PO

  1. Hi. The Popcorn Head were so cute!
    Do you accept orders internationally? If you do, how to do the payment.
    Thank you. ^_^

    • hi Aihika..
      i accept orders internationally, but it cost a lot for the shipment, because i use EMS to send it. and about the payment, you can send me via paypal..

      may i know where do you live?

      • I live at Malaysia. Hmm.. Paypal? I don’t have that account. Ah, zannen. That’s ok. Anyways gomen ne but thank you for your reply and great job on that Popcorn Head. Mecha kawaii.. ^_^

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