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Testimonial for Arashi Popcorn Head


first of all, i want to say thank you for you whose participating on Arashi Popcorn Head’s Pre Order.. it was a big hit ^^ so here’s the testimonial from my customers.. YAY!

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and i’ve already closed the 2nd PO for it.. hope everyone love it.. see you at the next PO (^0^)/


On May 2013

i must be grateful because i have so many orders from Majumoto Fanshop’s customers.. thank you guys ^^ and if you want to know what kind of jewellery that i made, here’s the pic ^^

Say Hello To Brams and Celpha!

bracelet with alphabet (3) bracelet with charms (3)


if you want to have it, just email me at majumoto.fanshop[at], or leave your comments below.. see ya ^^


new gallery

i have new gallery (or you can call it another blog) ^_^;
it’s because when i tried to promote this blog via Pinterest, suddenly WP delete this blog!! T___T why WP why?! they suspected me for something about pay/click ads or something like that.. well, i do promote my creations here.. but i never think to get money from that kind of actions..  if i do, i prefer to make website, rite? teehee..

well, to prevent that kind of actions again from WP, so i register to Tumblr.. so what i posted here, will be posted there too ^^

so.. we’ll meet again on another post (^0^)/


Arashi Popcorn Head PO

hi minna~
i have new creations: Figurine Clay Art.. and now i’ll opening a Pre Order for our first FCA: Arashi’s Popcorn Head XD~

Say Hello to the Popcorn Head!

popcorn head


material: Clay

Buy one: Rp 25.000,- (exclude shipping)
Buy one set: Rp 100.000,- (exclude shipping)

Open PO at April 29th 2013. more info: @tu2twidhi (twitter) or 08884902452 (What’sApps) (^0^)/


March 2013 Creations

not have new design actually.. but i’ve already made some brakelace and necklace.. and also straps ^^

this is my March’s Creations (^_~)



so.. this is my newest creations… if you like it, you can order it via email at majumoto[dot]fanshop[at]gmail[dot]com. okay then 😀 have a nice day..


charm bracelet